September 18, 2020

Service times, 09:00 and 18:00
As per the Level 1 rules, we will be allowed to seat 50% of our surface capacity which means 150 people can attend a service with adhering to the prescribed social distancing regulations.
Sunday School will be open wth limited numbers.The Sunday School registration is seperate from the service attendance and the Covid-19 protocol will be stricktly adehered to.
Please ensure that the children have a mask.

* Please register using the link to ensure that you will be able to attend.

* If you are part of the media, worship or staff teams for the particular service, be sure to register on the dropdown allocated for the teams. If you are a spouse and not part of a team, please do not register as a team member, we have allocated just enough space for the teams.
* The registration will cut off at 150, we will not be able to allow any number over the legal limit to attend.
* Strict screening and social distancing protocols will be followed.
* The wearing of a mask is mandatory.

The live broadcasts will continue for those who cannot attend.
We request of those who have health challenges, to carefully concider the risk of attending the services.