Men’s Ministry

Waterkloof Baptist Church Men’s Ministry

“I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.” – Jimmy Carter

Men face some real heavy challenges nowadays as they strive for their place in the world.

The technological explosion of the passed century has ramped up to such heights that there are many distractions diverting the attention of men away from the Lord and from the church.

God fearing men have a massive role to play in countering the onslaught of sin, and leading other men to Christ. For this they need more than a Sunday sermon or a weekly cell group meeting. They need a good quality ministry providing consistency of spiritual growth, ministry activity and building strong relationships of accountability.

They need a shield, to help protect against and overcome the many challenges they face, and they need to learn and participate in spreading the gospel to other men.

The Waterkloof Baptist Church Frontline Men’s Ministry is:

• A place where men find common ground, where they can relate and participate in making a positive difference in the world around them.

• A place where men can share life experiences for the benefit of all generations, setting the standard for a no compromise male role within families, workplaces and life in general.

• A place where spiritual growth is more impact-fully nurtured and kept accountable, where investing in the right things is taught and encouraged.

• A place of friendship and camaraderie building, helping each other to be stable in the storms.

• A place where living out of our faith and actively drawing others to Christ can be learned and exercised.

• A place where they find a personal identity in Christ.

Please come and participate in our fellowship. We are a bunch of great friends and brothers in Christ, and we really want you to join us!

Ladies Ministry

The Ladies Committee of WBC is committed to grow and encourage ladies.

Music Worship Team

Every Sunday two worship teams are on duty to lead the service, one in the morning and one in the evening. The Worship Team is divided into five Worship Groups that have all the necessary roles included, such as leader, pianist, singers, musicians, media, sound desk. The Worship Team provides an opportunity for people to develop and use their gifts and talents.

There are currently vacancies for the following roles: media, sound desk, pianist, musicians and singers. Training will be provided for media and sound desk.

Facilities Development Committee

At Waterkloof Baptist Church we endeavour to be responsible stewards of our resources and for our facilities and properties to be used to further the Kingdom of God and the gospel of Christ. With this primary focus in mind, the Facilities Development Committee (FDC) is responsible for the maintenance of buildings and properties as well as future facility planning and requirements. It also administers any maintenance and construction projects undertaken including contractors and relevant planning permission where required.

Friday Night Children and Youth Program (Voyager, Forged and VerB)

Friday Night Children and Youth Program (Voyager, Forged and Verb)

Our Friday Nights Children and Youth ministry seeks to teach truth to children and build relationships through leaders who run a fun Friday night program using their gifts to encourage the application of the Word.

Join us – Teach, run activities, lead worship, or substitute as needed.

Time commitment – Weekly on Friday nights

Contact Pastor Dan Riddell 073 419 3488

Security Team

In addition to a security guard who patrols the street in front of the church, we have someone from the congregation as part of the Security Team keeping an eye on the church grounds during each of the Sunday worship services.

Join us if you would like to serve in this very practical ministry.
We are urgently looking for people to help out during the Morning and Evening service.

Contact Yula Venter  on 012 347 0171